Home from the conference, and now I must blog

Number 13 in the Major Arcana

My favorite tarot card in the Major Arcana is Death, number 13, because it is about transformation. Often misinterpreted as a depressing and heavy card, I believe instead that Death offers hope. One thing comes to an end, yes, but another begins. The hope is that the newborn idea or feeling or person or era (or whatever) is a little bit better, a little bit stronger.

Here’s why I bring this up: I recently got home from the 2014 AERO Conference and I am exhausted, but in the best way possible. This was my first conference, and now it’s over. Today, I mostly did nothing — besides the dishes and some lesson brainstorming — and this was my detox. (Admittedly, I “detox” quite often. Doing nothing is a critical part of my day.) Now, I’m refreshed and ready to start the reflection portion of the conference. One thing I learned was that experience and reflection are the key ingredients for an education. So, if I’m going to truly allow myself to be educated by this conference, if I am going to make this most of this “experience,” then I need to reflect.

While the conference experience is over — it had died, in a sense — the conference reflection is just beginning. I will take those reflections and apply what I’ve learned into my lessons, my goals, my way of thinking. And how I apply those reflections in the real world is still unknown, but exciting to think about.

This blog is for my reflections.

I have not done a tarot reading for myself in a long time, but I wonder if I had done one recently, would Death have appeared? I can’t imagine any other card better describing my current situation. So much change and inspiration — also known as, the perfect time to start blogging. I’m certain that my days won’t always be filled with this much concentrated inspiration, but I also know that this is perfect timing. Conference ends (THANK YOU JERRY!) and blogging begins (thank you to everyone!).

What a good morning.