My Story

teacup me (2)My name is Dominique. I am passionate about education (more specifically: education alternatives). My twitter handle says “words and maps and teaching and and travel,” and I think that accurately captures my central interests. I am also interested in foreign languages, self-help ideas, community development, tarot cards, world studies, urban studies, history, the way people communicate and the way in which we need each other.

Traditional schooling does not work for me, so I am turning to alternatives. This blog follows my journey as I learn how to teach, how to learn, as I think about how children learn, and discover what it might mean to teach without a degree.

For now, I am am without formal education. I may very well return to college. However, just because I’m no longer paying tuition does not mean that I am no longer learning. In fact, I find myself more interested in the projects I take on. I take the time to reflect on my experiences — mistakes and successes — and this is the catalyst for my growth.



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